Share your local experience, explore what's around you, earn tokens,
build 1ecoworld together with your friendly neighbor.

Connect 2 Earn

We believe in fair distribution of revenue based on user contributions.
Enable users to be rewarded every time they share their experiences.


  • 1ecoWORLD residence
    1ecoWORLD residence

    Create an account to get permanent Resident,
    purchase Citizenship to participate in 1Bank for 1PECO coin.

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  • POCO Points Reward
    POCO Points Reward

    Residences can earn POCO points by sharing local experiences,
    adding places, inviting friends and more.

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  • 1Bank Monthly Event
    1Bank Monthly Event

    1ecoWorld citizens can earn 1PECO by exchanging their
    POCOPoints through monthly 1Bank events, as like real-world salaries.

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  • Local based NFT
    Local based NFT

    1ecoWORLD NFTs are issued based on countries administrative division
    to solve regional problems and provide more earning opportunities.

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  • 1ECO Coin
    1ECO Coin

    1ecoWorld’s governance coin

    The primary purpose of 1ECO Coin is to purchase citizenship for residences and 1BIZ for business owners in 1ecoWORLD to stake and earn the right to participate in policy voting.

  • 1PECO Coin
    1PECO Coin

    1ecoWorld’s utility coin

    It is utilized as a payment method with variety purposes within 1ecoWORLD, such as 1bank rewards, NFT transaction and much more!

  • POCO Point
    POCO Point

    POCO Point is a utility point

    Residences can acquire POCO Points through various activities by posting local experiences and registering new places through the 1ECO APP. The acquired points can be exchanged for 1PECO through 1BANK every month.


1ecoWORLD NFTs are currently tokenized in these areas of the real world.

  • South Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • More countries coming


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